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Which type of business card do your customers prefer?

Business cards remain essential for businesses and consumers across all industries. Business cards assist in building a brand, providing contact details, and appearing professional. Modern entrepreneurs have transformed conventional paper-based cards into high-tech digital business cards.

Instead of asking you, "What type of business card do you use," I'd like you to consider how your customers prefer to receive your information. Here are some popular choices:

  1. Traditional paper business cards

  2. A card, device, or lanyard ID with a QR code

  3. A card, device, or lanyard with an NFC (Near Field Communication)

  4. A Digital Business Card

In a recent survey of customers and business card users, 9 out of 10 people say that they discard the conventional business cards that they receive. These users typically throw them away on the same day, without transferring any contact information to their phone.

"It's so much easier to say 'let me text you my digital business card..." - M. Hemming

Of all the choices available, most customers prefer contact-free digital business cards, over traditional cards, NFC transfer, or QR codes. "I find that many customers get uncomfortable when you ask to tap your phone to theirs," says Martha Hemming, sales associate for Quik Automotive Solutions. "It's so much easier to say 'let me text you my digital business card,'" she says.

Digital business cards or digital vCards are easily transferred via texting, or by scanning a QR code.

Don't be creepy. If social distancing has reduced the traditional handshake into a fist, or elbow bump, why would you think that strangers want you to put your phone on top of theirs? If you don't think that they're wondering "I wonder where that phone's been," you're not considering their preferences.

Evolve with the times and transfer your contact information the modern way, with a digital business vCard from MyVidCardz today. Oh, and throw out that fax machine too. - Michelle

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