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Don't ever Facebook Live vertically (portrait mode). Ever.

Discover why your audience wants to see more of your Facebook Live events

There's only one way to Facebook Live effectively! Speaking of which, don't miss John Luciano as he participates in Paul J Daly's Automotive State of the Union LinkedIn, and Facebook Live event! Tune in Wednesday, June 17th, 2 pm to 5 pm EST (1 pm to 4 pm CST), as Duncan Movassaghiand I, bring our insight to this timely automotive discussion.

During this challenging time, meetings of the mind like this are absolutely critical. Join the discussion, virtually, to help our industry keep our operations safe and functional.

Also, check out this week's Motormouth Show for all the details on this conference, as well as the big, international Dealer KongresOnline, taking place this Tuesday, June 16th. John and Florencio ‘Flo’ Lopez will be demonstrating to an international automotive audience, how to grow your business by nurturing your store's culture while embracing your community. See you there!

Regarding Facebook live, be sure to film your event in landscape mode (horizontally), rather than vertically (portrait mode). Phone manufactures are designing their devices to utilize the maximum screen size; why are you still filming vertically? Those blurry sidebars are a waste of valuable media space! Besides, you wouldn't go to the movies and expect to only see 1/3, or just the center of the film. You don't watch Netflix, Hulu, or any streaming service like that; your viewers don't want to either! Check out the video to learn how to easily film in landscape mode, as your audience wants!

Facebook Live videos are inherently not the best quality available. Often times the signal is intermittent due to connection issues with Wi-Fi or signal coverage; don't make the situation worse! Film your live events with an eye toward what your audience wants.

Check out these important conferences and learn from some of the best in the automotive industry:

Automotive State of the Union:

Dealer Kongres Online:

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