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Digital Business vCards have several advantages over NFC Business Cards

"I'll be using my Digital Business vCard, instead of passing out paper cards at the Digital Dealer conference," says Ron Garverick of Street Volkswagen. "I can simply text my video card to someone or they can scan my QR code," says Garverick.

With social distancing protocols in the minds of conference-goers, many are investing in contact-free methods of exchanging their information. Two popular choices are Digital Business vCards and near-field communication (NFC) cards. NFC is a short-range wireless technology used in smartphones, tablets, wearables, payment cards.

NFC technology isn't new. It first emerged in 2004 when Nokia, Philips, and Sony banded together to form the NFC Forum, a nonprofit organization that's committed to bringing the convenience of NFC technology to all aspects of life. Did they su

cceed? If you don't use NFC in your daily life, I would argue that they didn't.

If we've already agreed on the premise that you should consider replacing or supplementing your paper business cards with a contactless replacement, Digital Business vCards is the superior choice.

"People don't want you to touch their phone with theirs, or a convention badge or even an NFC-enabled business card..." - J. Velasco

"People don't want you to touch their phone with yours, a dirty convention badge or even an NFC-enabled business card from your pocket," says John Ve

lasco, a Cadillac salesperson in San Antonio, Texas. "When I meet someone on the lot, I say let me text you my digital business card, or you can scan my QR code," says Velasco. "Technically, we're still strangers, and you're can invade their comfort zone right away by asking them to "phone kiss."

Velasco explains that his customers can download his vCard contact information (name, phone numbers, website, inventory links, credit applications, referral forms, etc.) to their smartphone with one click. "There's still a perception that 'you're gonna take something from my phone' when you put something on top of their phone," says Velasco. "Their phone is their life. There's no intrusion in sending them a text."

Have you ever run out of business cards? Or have you ever had to hand someone your last, dog-eared card? Digital Business vCards are the smart way to go.

You won't run out of them and they can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

With a Digital Business vCard from MyVidCardz, you never have to worry about forgetting your business cards at home, in the hotel room, or lost in your luggage on a conveyor belt at the airport. As long as you have your phone on you, you’ll be able to share your business card with anyone, anywhere - No app needed.

"People don't want to download another app, just to have your contact information," says Garverick. "When you first meet someone, you're trying to instill trust. People know you can track them with an app. Everyone has a bunch of apps that they know they should delete, but haven't gotten around to it," says Garverick.

Example of a smart digital business card.

Digital Business vCards are the future of networking in a post-COVID19 world. Whether you’re right next to someone or across the world, MyVidCardz allows you to share your business card using a unique QR code, email, or text your card. You can Airdrop your card, post the link on your social channels, and more. You can also place your QR code on your phone’s home screen, or send your card with the iMessage app. You can share your Digital Business vCard on your slideshow presentation, whether in person or on a Zoom call. When you order from MyVidCardz, you also get a complimentary animated, QR code-enabled email signature card.

If you are still interested in the idea of “tap-and-go” you can even order NFC items to transfer your information via NFC technology also.

Your new Digital Business vCards can be created and shared quickly, however, if you want an NFC business card, you won’t be able to use it immediately. There will be a turnaround time (from days to over a week) until your NFC or RFID business card arrives in the mail.

If you need a new business card, go and get started. You'll be asked to fill in the information that you want on your card, as well as be able to upload the photo you want to be displayed. Indicate any links you want to be included (i.e., websites, social channels, and videos).

You Digital Business vCard is more customizable than NFC business cards

Not all NFC business cards have apps, and you’ll be constrained to a piece of paper or plastic.

‍Digital business vCards are great for teams and companies of all sizes. Just as physical automobile brochures are a thing of the past, our prediction is that physical business cards will go the way of the fax machine. More and more employers are no longer providing their employees with physical business cards. As more companies turn to remote workforces due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Digital Business vCards are gaining in popularity. Cards can be updated (title changes, new social links, etc.).

Visit MyVidCardz today to see some inspiring examples, and contact us today! - Michelle

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