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Are You a Digital Dealer, with paper business cards?

Let's face it, these are cRaZy days in the car business. What will marketing look like when the dust settles? How can we gain control in the chaos? Don't miss Reunion Marketing's cutting edge workshop, 2023: A Social Buying Cycle Odyssey, at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 (not 2023), 2:40 PM to 3:10 pm, in the Montego room at The Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

Visit Dave Spannhake, Dane Saville, Chad Graves, and the Reunion team at exhibitor booth 1111, and learn how a data-powered, partner-driven digital marketing approach can help your dealership achieve top-tier results!

If you're looking for the 2023 evolution of the business card, visit "Like everything, business cards are improving over time," says Spannhake, Founder and CEO of Reunion Marketing in Cary, NC. "With an electronic business card, I can forward a potential customer my vCard information, as well as showcase my company offerings... All without contact."

Check out Spannhake's digital business card here.

If you're visiting the Digital Dealer Conference, here's a thought. Get Digital!

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