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Check out my Digital vCard
Check out my Digital vCard
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Check out my Digital vCard
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Check out my Digital vCard
Check out my Digital vCard
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Show your style with a vCard
Showcase your dealership
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Tell your clients “Let me text you my Digital vCard…” Bam; You just captured their cell phone number and made a great, professional impression!


One animated Digital vCard image is included for your email signature to make your communications pop!

Check out Kyle's Digital vCard on your mobile phone here:

Get your own dynamic, contact-free, Digital vCard instead of those boring paper cards!

• Text directly to your customer's cell phone.

• Customers add you to their cell phone contacts with one click!

• Your Digital vCard features your new, certified, and pre-owned inventory.

• Click-to-call functionality, credit application, and trade appraisal links.

• Customers can forward to their friends to take advantage of your referral program.

Order yours own digital business card today.

Digital Business Card $99

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Increase Lead Conversion

Customers are being urged to socially distance, and you're still handing out business cards?!


It's going to take more creativity, initiative, trust, and heart to get them to engage with YOU.


Digital vCards from MyVidCardz are touch-free, high-tech, and affordable! 

Stop fumbling for that dog-eared, business card, and send them a Digital vCard.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Michelle Verlaines

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Creative Director of MyVidCardz, Michelle specializes in team performance, digital content development, including websites, videos ad campaigns, and more.


Ashley Parks

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Specializes in digital content development, including websites, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, social media posts, infographics, and more.


LeeZa Renee Milano

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Specializes in consulting dealers on proven digital strategies to increase sales. LeeZa provides qualified insights into solutions that improve processes, efficiency, performance, exposure and boost profits.


Florencio Lopez

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Specializes in Internet department Business Development and increasing conversion through Targeted Digital Marketing.

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